Saturday, September 23, 2006

French Art

Today’s weather was awesome. Generous bright sun with heat. I left the house, undecided if I should visit Pushkin State Museum or Sepulka (science stuff). Turned out it was neither. I visited The State Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts instead :)

The 3-storey building featured works of Ganguin, Monet, Van Gogh, Manet, Renoir, Picasso, Martisse, Delacroix and the whole gang of 19-20th century. Personally, I dont really know how to appreciate strokes of the Neo/Impressionism and the era after.

I like paintings of well-defined contours, lively and when I see it, I would go “Ahhhh”. Maybe because I have a simplex mind, hence, abstract art is beyond me. But I am proud to say, I managed to make out 2 of Picasso’s work. Usually I analyse the painting first before reading the description.

All in all, I liked most of the display especially these few.

Ricardo De Madrazo Y Garreta (1879) - Selling Gun.
Garreta was Spanish. He went to Morroco and painted 3 men engaged in a gun trade at the middle of the street. What struck me as beautiful was the Morrocan architecture, the design and colour on the men’s clothing. Even their hairstyle was interesting too!

Vincent Van Gogh (1890) - Landscape at Auvers after rain.

This piece of oil on canvas is made up by 2-3 type of motives. Wriggly worm strokes, circles and not-so-straight lines. It was strange to look at, at first. I stood there for a while, it kinda made me smile. It became pretty to look at LOL

Paul Signac (1809) - Pine tree at St.Tropez (my favourite!)

Brilliant. Only 1 tile-liked motive in the entire painting. The pastel colour combination shone out the pine tree, I totally fell in love with it. And guess what. Downstairs at the souvenir shop, there were merchandise of this artwork! I feel flattered when the pieces I like are famous. I bought a poster of it.

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