Thursday, September 14, 2006


I finally visited Tretiakovskaya Galleria!

Surgery class finished damn early, after examining 4 patients. I nearly opted for the Moscow Zoo at M.Barrikadnaya but I didnt anyway. Save it for another sunny daylahh. Entrance fee for students cost 50pyb. Cheap price to appreciate art right LOL

Maybe because I have been to The Hermitage at St.Petersburg last year, I didnt find Tretiakov's collection as impressive. But then again, I reminded myself that Tretiakov collected art solely from Russian artists. I wrote down the titles of painting/potraits I particularly liked, most from the early 19th century:
  1. Levitski D. - potraits of the great Russian folks back then, the royalty and all
  2. Kouindji A. - mysterious fluroscent colour he created in his time to paint scenery
  3. Sokolov P.I (1753-1791) - "Daedalus binding wings to Icarus" (Roman epic)
  4. Stawasser P.F. (1816-1850) - beautiful marble sculpture of a Satyr and Nymph
  5. Verechtchaguine V. (1842-1904) - "The gates of the palace in Timur"
  6. Vasnetsov V.M. (1848-1926) - My most favourite "The Three Bagatyrs

ps. i know it doesnt look so nice here but i swear the oil on canvas measuring 7mx7m hanging on the wall looked majestic!

So yes. I spent nearly 3hours observing like a real artsy-fartsy person, kept the opinions to myself but I would safely say that I do prefer art of Baroque and Renaissance period, Roman epics and of that category but not Impressionism era. Blotches and patches aint really my style *shrugs

I really do like art, you know :)

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