Friday, September 22, 2006


I didnt get up for Reanimation lecture in the morning. OMG. The lectures are in Russian and theyre bloody boring! I thought if I were to sleep uncomfortably on the chair, might as well be my bed right LOL

I sent Victor an sms, asked him to jot down my attendance. He replied that he wasnt going too (later I found out nearly all the guys stayed in to play Warcraft). Ahhh laziness for a good cause!! I started a friendsterBLOG, just felt like it *shrugs*

Fared held his belated birthday dinner this evening. June, Gary, Wendy, Jason, Reena and myself gathered at his apartment for the first time. Before we arrived, I heard Khairimi prepared “sotong”. I thought some battered squids for appetizers. Only later I realised it was actually “Soto”, a Malay soup dish!

Lucky I wore loose jeans. Wendy claimed her pants were better, showed me thumbs up somemore. Khairimi played an excellent host for her boyfriend’s friends. Their apartment is comfortable for the both of them and the layout reminded me of my old crib with Paul. We had so much food till we nearly burst! Still, we couldnt resist the blueberry cake. Each of us had a huge slice :P

I am happy that Khairimi and Fared invited me. I used to think there was something wrong with Fared the unfriendly boy. He was hospitalized for food poisoning often and Aron had always helped him to the hospital. Yet he never acknowledged whenever I said Hi until 3rd Year, we had a short conversation at Pharmacology Dept. hehehee Now that he’s tight with Jason and Reena, I learned that he is a genius and a real friend too!

ps.we had fun taking this picture because Reena always seem to close her eyes when taking pictures but THIS one, i closed mine so she looks good in it LOL

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