Monday, September 04, 2006

5th Year

Whoaaa. First day of first cycle of the semester was Gynaecology. All the way in M.Palazhaevskaya (same place where we had our Obstetrics). It was rainy, worms wiggling on the pavement *screams*

It turned up that Sunny and Victor were at the bus-stop too. Quite nice to see the members again actually. I was cool with Sunny though. Everyone was in class already and our Professor cant speak English that well you know. Damn itlahh. Just wanna quickly finish this semester, finish everything asap!

Everyone seems to be refreshed. Hwong and Zhao Ing are together, Hwong’s brother has enrolled into First Year, Victor went for the lasik surgery so he aint wearing glasses anymore! Mun Yee seemed to be really interested about my hols. We went to the Dean’s office to get our visa done and all. Bloody packed with juniors. According to Hwong, his brother’s batch has about 200+ students excluding the JPAs. Crazy.

I would blame it either on the jetlag or the mosquitoes. Fucking vampires, buzzing in my ears even when I have the blanket over my head! I am again sleeping at the wrong time but I have good faith that all shall return normal soon enough.

Glad to see Pisa and Boss again. I cleaned my room, placed the sheets and I am pleased to say “Home Sweet Home”. At least my crib is comforting. Now that Viro and all have graduated, that is the only thought that bugs me. I mean, we are not gonna see them anymore (in Moscow i mean). No more coffee dates where timing is all out, one kaki less, oh well :(

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