Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Earlier this morning, we woke up at 730am no thanks to Sha’s handphone which was still running on Czech time.

John the Landlord came over to look at the “fountain”. Its basically clogged pipes causing raw sewage to leak out on the lawn everytime someone flushes the toilet. Yes. The stench aint pleasant, nor is the sight. The sun was so bright we couldnt help changing into our bikini tops for a good tan!

We blasted music at the backyard, had a smoke with Monica and Greta, had tea until the sun was covered by thick clouds. Seriously, doing activities that dont require money can be really fun :P

Khalid came home devastated. What he prepared for his paper didnt come up, instead everything was new. He is sure he is gonna fail :( I feel really sorry for him, I didnt even know what to say. We played Texas Hold’Em to help ease his mind (tho i must say i felt like it did work a little bit). Sha was on a streak so we suspected it could be the movie which inspired her.

Guess who won in the end! Me! I swept all of Nick’s chips clean :) It was a moment of triumph for me until I had to ask Khalid and Sha to come witness my cards!! Hehehee Nick said I am the first person in the house to have beaten him. You know what, Poker IS kinda nice once you get the hang of it!

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