Thursday, August 31, 2006

Sports Cafe

Ezlin rented a Ford Fiesta to shift her stuff to Southmead. She is gonna stay at Rikki’s. We conveniently asked for her help to drive ours to Marketgate too. Khalid’s room is lovely. He is the first tenant on Flat 704 plus his room is the biggest since its the corner room.

Our plan tonight was to have 50 chicken wings for 5pounds at Sport Cafe! (we ordered 2x) Sha has been telling me about it ever since I got to Bristol. Li Hoong and Jason met us in the house so together we left with Bus No.73 to the centre. Khalid shaved hehehee His face was as smooth as a baby’s butt and he looked much younger than I :P

Khalid nearly died from playing pool with Sha and I *giggle* The chicken wings were tasty especially the honey-mustard flavoured. I didnt realise how much I ate till they were sitting on my stomach. I felt so sick until I puked them out in the toilet. Foooh! As soon as they were out, I got my groove back on!

For a while, Khalid and I left to William Hill’s joint. He lost 20pounds in less than 10minutes. I scolded him that he should have let me poke on some numbers! But that poor boy was bored from waiting for Rikki’s arrival. And when they came, he was stuck upstairs with them for pool! He even wore his dodgy pool gloves. I had to tease him, “Oohh baby, I want you to touch me with them” LOL

The DJ was alright. Played a mix of every genre. We had fun singing to 5ive and Backstreet Boys’ “Everybody”. We met Jason’s Indian friends, Rikit and Arun plus another Polish girl called Olga. Nice folks except that Rikit kept inviting us for weed. Khalid beat Rikki twice but his friend, Matt was unbeatable. Khalid looked so hot (at this point, I will hear him say “You are so blind”).

Towards the end, Khalid lost to Rikki on the last game. He bought a round of tequila for everyone and himself, but we both had champagne. At this point I was surprised, he said it was for us, being together. We danced to several songs to which reminded me very much of the first time we were at Oceana. His face, that sweet smile and the sparkle in his eyes. Ohh god, I know I am so gonna miss being with him.

This trip was so worth giving a second chance, so worth coming for :)

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