Sunday, August 06, 2006


The Russian Embassy in KL aint so bad afterall. Mum drove me to Jalan Ampang early at 9am. Our car nearly fell into the drain when she tried to sidepark. Mum sucks at sideparking but then again, who am I to comment right :P I don’t even drive!

Anyways. The Indian lady at the Russian Embassy was really friendly. She was yakking on the phone for about 20minutes before she attended to us. She said her name is Candy. Handling her my new and old passports together with the visa took only 5minutes. Maybe less. I could collect it on Friday!

Gabby came to pick me up later in the afternoon. We went to Times Square and caught The Break Up starring Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston. This comedy flick reminded me a lot of my previous relationship with Aron and 90% of their argument was like ours. I told Gabby that and he asked “Are you okay?”. Of course I am okay :)

My foot wasn’t too good still so I was limping as I walked. I tore off the plaster to show him the cut. Well he wasn’t impressed. Gabby presented me his cakes, my favourite screwpine flavour, mocha and “special” one. I think I will just bring screwpine with me since theyre quite heavy and also Daddy wants me to bring a box of mooncakes too!

Ahhh I had a lot of fun with Gabby. We didn’t cover Sunway or 1Utama this year *cries* but its cool. Mummy kept checking (close to interrogation methods) if Gabby is my boyfriend until I had to explain to her that he is only a very good friend of mine for years now. She is still sceptical about it but what can she do right LOL

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