Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Whoa. I spent more or less 24hour on transportation to Bristol LOL My flight was at 555pm yesterday from KLIA. Then transited at Hong Kong for 2 hours plus before a long haul 13hour flight to Heathrow. I feel okay actually, not too tired :)

Khalid and my best came to Malborough Bus Station for me. I realised how much I really missed Khalid when I saw him smile! We are not staying at Favell House anymore, instead at 763 Filton Avenue. I sleep with Khalid on the 2nd floor nextdoor to the 2 Lithuanian girls@ Monica and Greta while Sha and Nick are on the 3rd floor. Ezlin’s room is at the hallway by the maindoor.

My long nails have been causing Khalid alot of injuries. In fact, I have brought him so much trouble but yet we have a good laugh about them! Well, at least I do! :P For example I locked us out from our room (we have only one key). I managed to borrow us a ladder but poor Khalid had to climb to break into our own room! Aahh that was a memorable one!

Not being in the centre pretty much saved us a lot of money. I am looking forward to our Prague trip! Khalid and Nick have to study for their resits, unfortunately. Otherwise we could do much more together. Khalid is just too adorable! I hate to see him stressed out but the worst feeling ever is that I cant do anything to cheer him up at these times *sighh*

Oohh Sha cooks delicious Thai Green Curry! I still love the microwaveable food and I doubt I will ever be sick of it LOL Monica and Greta seems nice, they hang out with us in the living room most of the time but Monica is rather noisy. Sha and I have been taking their Vogue cigarettes hehehee Very yummy!

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