Tuesday, August 22, 2006


We left Bristol International Airport by easyJet.com :) Bugger that flight, Sha and I slept through the entire less-than-2hour journey. Alexander@ Petrinska Hostel and Apartment owner picked us up and drove us into the city. He gave us a brief intro about Prague, how safe it is and roughly where our accomodation is located.
Sha and I booked a 6 person sharing room. Very daring right. We were delighted to see the condition- clean, new, neat and the homies seemed okay. Joe is from Australia, I knew he’s a bapok after a conversation and Joel is from NZ. The 2 other girls, we didnt bother to talk to them, neither did they *shrugs* Both of us seemed to be the only holiday-makers since these fellas havent been home for at least 6months!

We walked around the city, at Downtown, had Chinese food for dinner and the city is so alive even late at night! OMG. Hot guys are everywhere, Sha and I couldnt stop to "He-llo!" and "How are YOU! Mmmm, Mmmmm..." left and right!! LOL

It rained for a while plus I find it chilly on the streets. Overall my impression of Prague is satisfactory but our tour shall begin only tomorrow! The money changer gave us both a free map so we shall roam the place by ourselves! We realised this is the 2nd international holiday for me and Sha, after Egypt. Actually I would really say 3rd because we also conquered London earlier this year :P

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