Monday, August 07, 2006


My A12327663 expires on Jan 2008. Hmmm I might be travelling next summer holidays meaning I might not come home to Malaysia. That also means I would be holding an expired passport till I graduate. It only hit me after chatting with Victor on MSN last week. Luckily I still have a week to properly arrange my documents :P

This morning, Mummy and Daddy drove me to Subang Immigration Dept. Reena and Jason got theirs done there within half an hour because its always empty. Unfortunately, when I went there, it was packed and my number was 60++ when the board showed 10++. After filling the form, gathered the necessary stuff to apply, we had to wait right? As I was trying to climb onto the free seats, my left foot accidentally scraped the metal which was sticking out at the edge of the chair *cries loudly*

I nearly bled to death. Blood tricked down my sole, damn it! It didn’t hurt so much at first. Daddy took the opportunity, went to one of the counters, told the officer that his daughter hurt he foot and needed to get to the hospital. Besides he was gonna give him RM50 for tea LOL

My parents are wonderful. Mum got me tissues, tried to wipe off the blood while Daddy got me a plaster (dunno from where but he was quick). I tried to walk and that was when the pain sank in. Arrgghhh. It was rather a deep cut :( Anyways. Everything was settled in 1 1/2hour. I will collect my new passport tomorrow so that I can head to the Russian Embassy to change the numbers on my visa!

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