Friday, August 04, 2006


Everyone looked dashing. We were supposed to meet at 1030pm but dunnolahh how it happened but we met up much much later. We got to Asian Heritage Road which I remember last year I was there only once, but at Bar Savahn. Ahhh it was fun :)

Anyways after much haggle and hassle, we made it into that Maison club. They play house music only. Comfortable ambience, I especially loved the green laser (hehehee bloody jakun) and of course, JD coke was awesome. Reena and I were downing like fishes, Wishnu so-so, Syu and Azie and Jeffrey don’t drink and Boss is a safe drinker.
At the end of the night, I was one word- embarrassment. Okay maybe more- noisy, nonsensical and totally lost it. We went to mamak, I was harassing Maria the waitress. I remember some stuff only ie. complaining to her “Kak, saya diconteng!”, tugged Jeffrey LOL Poor boy, must be traumatised. Reena kept saying I was awesome. Hmmm *trying hard to remember what else I did*

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