Saturday, August 05, 2006

Kor Kor

I know I was pretty grouchy in the evening at Bar Savahn. Cant blame me what. Nick and Mel turned up late, there was no table and for nearly an hour we were standing around waiting for one (when obviously we aren’t getting any). But I cheered up to Mel’s one line, “Smilelahhh, see you once a year only”. When I was 16 and going out with Nick, Mel and I joked about being pet bro-sis. He called me Mui Mui and after so many years, especially these recent years, I realise he is more than a pet bro. He introduces me to others as his sister and I tell others he is my brother :)

Oohhh FaiEzal is a sweet boylahh. He was at Shankar’s BBQ party, yet he dropped by Poppy Garden just to see me. Hahahaa no kidding. Ruben came along too. They both gave me a hug, FaiEzal said it was good to see me and they shall leave now LOL Crazy!

I didn’t drink much really. Mel ordered a flaming Lamborghini for me and Sharon but Sharon sucked most of it anyways LOL Samantha seems weird. Shes cute but possesses one helluva attitude which makes you wonder how genuine is she. We headed back to Kenny Hills to continue drinking hehehee

Mel explained to us this drinking game with dice. Shake them in the glass. 2-3-4-5-6 nothing happens, 7 you add alcohol, 8 choose the drinker, 9 drink half, 10 drink all and double is reverse. I was sober so yeahh, bring it on baby! I happily downed the Martini a few times but the other were all knocked out by 5am.

Hmmm I would have loved to have lunch with them so we can yak and properly catch up. Their friend was so gullible. He tried to hit on me. I stringed up the small talks into one conversation.

Me : I'm Mel's sister *hoping he would back off*
He : OOohhhh!! So you are the sister who just returned from overseas!
But how come you dont really alike.. *suspicious/doubtful tone*
Me : Well. I am 1st wife's daughter while he is the mistress' son
He : Ooooohhhh I knew it!! *very satisfied with himself*
He continues : YES!! Your face kept reminding of this superstar!
Me : Huhh? Who?
He : Jolin Tsai!! You know?
Me : Err.. no. Is she famous?
He : Haaaa! The most famous!! Very pretty!! *trying to score*
Me : I see *continues to ignore and later laughed about him* :P

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