Friday, August 04, 2006


Viro came down from Ipoh and insisted the gang to meet up for futsal. Yes yes. Throughout the World Cup season, I did boast about the foot skills I have conjured from watching the players. But that was ages ago right :P

There was Jason, Reena, Jeffrey, Viro, Azie, Syu, Asraff, Praveen, Wishnu, Yasmin and myself. We played for nearly 2hours. It was awesome for me considering I haven’t did sports at all this summer hols! It aint easy to kick the ball at all (damn it!)

Reena’s brother Rajiv and his classmate came to watch us play. Hmmm Rajiv surely has grown prosperous since I last saw him 2 years ago! We all had food at the HSBC mamak. That macha forgot my Rawa Tosai and had the cheek to admit it. Pffftt!!

I followed Reena back to her place for shower and got ready for the action later. Boss’ birthday is past 12am. Before they picked me up at Sunway Pyramid earlier, I ran up and down searching for a nice present. In the end I got 2 pairs of Converse knee socks hehehee I liked my idea. Warm, useful and Reena can steal it too. Knowing her LOL

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