Saturday, August 12, 2006


I was high. Ohhh I was so high and actually can be labelled as drunk. We left Penang today to reach home early evening. Sharon insisted I should club one last time before I leave for UK. I agreed and Daddy said our Proton Wira can make it LOL

Venue was at Bar Savahn. When I arrived (got there by a cab, of course) Jonathan and his girlfriend, Veronica was standing opposite the club. He seemed surprised to see me. Well I wouldn’t say it was a negative surprise but it didn’t exactly look like a happy surprise either. Whateverlahhh.

We had small chats until Sharon showed up with Mirwan, Farah, Nadia and Faizi. All the party people got in but only 5 of us shared the bottle of Jack Daniels. Yummy! Sharon planned to join Joiey’s table but it was taken by some pricks so we parasited a group of good men’s table LOL

Indian dudeslahhh. One fella called Goglan and a 6’5 Bhai called Arvin introduced themselves to me and I had to share the info with Sharon. Guess who was there. Loshini! Okaylahh. Didn’t expect to see her actually, she made me down a glass of Long Island which was rather strong. Hit right in my head till I was tipsy already before the party started :P

The bartender whose name was Ray looked exactly like Irwan from Langkawi. Ohhh later was even better. Sara walked by and I yelled out to him! He was really surprised to see me and his was a happy surprise hehehee Faizi is somewhat like Douglas so he was shaking his booty whole night long. Veronica kinda warmed up to me so we danced together.

Nadia’s top went even shorter as the clock ticked while Farah was as noisy as she could be! Ahhh what a night. After our bottle finished, Goglan offered his until Sharon pulled us to Joeiy’s table. Yeahh we migrated! Sara bought me whiskey/coke (so yummy!) and introduced me to his friends.

So basically the entire night, I was gulping alcohol like theres no tomorrow LOL Sharon was a real sweetheart. She made sure I enjoyed my last call for this summer holidays. Some Indian dude tried to put his arms around me but I was like “Chill dude, back off”.

Although I must conclude that my clubbing habits have been cut down to unbelievably low, I still enjoyed myself. For 6weeks, I only clubbed a total of 5times in KL and of course the 2 nights in Langkawi at Tricia’s. Hehehe what a change!

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