Saturday, August 19, 2006


Sha and I went shopping at Broadmead twice. Good old Broadmead. The sales arent that great or anything but Sha always feeds me with the latest fashion ie. Emo this, Emo that. I got a sweater and a polka top hehehee

Weather now is like shit. Windy and the sun is hardly out :(

Sha and Nick arent exactly the happiest couple anymore. Nick developed the worst hobby- gambling. Khalid gambles too and during the hols he actually lost his savings like hundreds of pounds. This is what I despise. Daddy is a chronic gambler so I know but not everyone realises what they have stepped into. When one wins money, of course no one makes noise about it. It is when they lose, all kind of problems begin...

Anyway these boys arent too clever either. Khalid spends most of his time playing Bomberman on the PS2 while Nick glues himself on the Internet. Well, Sha says that he studies but I cant report the same about Khalid!

Few nights back, we had a drinking session with Monica and Greta. Monica got her job at the famous Beefeater, shortly after Nando’s. Dunno how from exchanging smokes to smoking shisha and then she suggested some vodka from Lithuania out of the blue. We agreed and guess what, her berry-flavoured vodka tasted like benzene!

No joke. I saw the bottle already I told Khalid, "Dazamnn, hekerr vokodkaka izis cheezip wakan!". True enough, it tasted like shit, smelled worse but luckily I hardly drank! We played the game Mel Mel played with us at Sharon’s place, except we drew cards. She has a bigger bottle of plain vodka but we said no to it! LOL

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