Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Got my period this morning, I nearly died. Walking around with an aching back and lower ab aint the best feeling. Still, we visited Prague Castle, Old and New Town on the other side! Everyone speaks English so we had no problem with communications. We took the tram (without buying a ticket LOL) all over the city too!

Later in the evening, we met up with Li Hoong and Jason. What a surprise that they are spending they sweet sweet trip in the same place as us. Oohh we had lovely Czech cuisine at the Old Town Square. My 1 /4 young duck with potato dumplings, saurkraut and red cabbage, together with a towering glass of Mojito *drools!* The expensive dinner was worth every Cz.Krown!
Around 11pm the two lovebirds and us splitted. Jason wanted to chill longer but Li Hoong dragged him away for some horse carriage. Pfffttt! We could have more smokes and Mojitos what. But hehehee whilst walking with my Pana Cotta, I heard Sean Paul blasting from one dodgy-looking joint. Sha and I like big heroes entered the Arena Club!

It was empty at first, just one short dude doing his electrocuted moves and the dancer showing her moves on the podium. They played current/popular HipHop music which was good for us :) More and more people flooded the area and you know what Sha and I always say, “Everywhere we go, we seem to bring good business to the place”.

Oi vey, the crowd was filled with He-llos and How are YOUs. Girls aplenty but nothing greatlahh. Some Vietnamese dudes came to hit on Sha, wanted to share table and all but puhh-leaselahh. We totally ignored them. We danced and smoked the lasts of our Marlboro Lights. Hmmm Sha and I are really starting to like smoking! More weirdass guys came to hit on us, asking to buy us drinks and the usual. Hahahaa good try :P

We got on the night tram on the wrong side of the road so it drove us all the way to the suburbs!! At past 3am we were still finding our way back to the hostel! But Alexander was right, Prague IS very safe even for 2 semi-lost Asian girls hehehee

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