Friday, August 25, 2006


Sha and I are damn proud of ourselves. This morning we got up slightly earlier to roam Downtown. There were many parks, churches and tourist spots we actually missed. But then again, not like we had too much time anyways!

By now, Sha could recognise the direction by heart. I can read the map but then Sha teases me about crossing the bridge twice to the other side and not being able to read the map at all :P It was funny. We even made it to the airport without having Alexander to send us. Pffftt! We spent 20Cz.Krown for the tram plus bus but when we came, the pick up costed us 500Cz.Krown!

Anyways at the airport, I bought 2 more cartons of Marlboro Lights for Khalid. We made up a joke to play on him LOL Our flight was delayed by an hour plus. The blamed it on the petrol truck which didnt arrive on time for them. Whateverlahh. I just couldnt wait to see Khalid!

When we reached home, the boys bought Kebab for us. I am glad Khalid said he did okay (with a zest of confidence) in his paper. One down and he still has another one to go. Ezlin’s boyfriend, Rikki was in the house. Nice dude, good-natured and polite. Hehehee we played poker!! Khalid guided me though I still lost most of my chips and ohh, the chips are very pretty!

Maybe because Khalid is not as stressed or he just missed me for the past few days, he was uhmm, feeling very frisky :P He is too adorable. I cant believe I have more or less one more a week left in England *cries out loud* I sooooooo dont want to fucking go back!!

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