Thursday, August 24, 2006

Czech Mate

Today’s weather was bloody sunny, it was awesome. We had so much fun in the city shopping for souvenirs! We checked out some stores, shoes and other stuff too. Lucky we turned around to change into lesser cloth LOL Yeahh our room is in the basement so it was hard to tell hows the weather like!

Charles Bridge was packed with tourists. OMG. Very good-looking tourists! Sha and I couldnt help ourselves asking them for help with the camera. Mmm-mmm! But Sha was right. So what they are cute or whatever, its only to look at. I mean half the time we wished our boyfriends were here but the other half, we would be scolding them with thoughts of their complaints ie. Nick: “Baby, I am very hungry” or Khalid: “Baby, I am very tired”. Definitely one of these two!

Finally Sha had her chance to eat the megasized hotdogs. I told her in Moscow we have the same, but then again I realised they are really huge! We bumped into Li Hoong and Jason out of the blue at Wenceslas Square. Li Hoong repeated a few times how shes already sick of Prague. Sha and I frowned to that statement. We agreed to meet up later for the Ghost Trail. Some tour on haunted areas of Prague hehehee

I didnt get too many souvenirs. Got some t-shirts, deco pieces etc. Fats and Khalid have the same design, a lion-looking emblem written Czech Mate, only in different colour. I bought Reena one Praha print. Sha got Nick a Pilsner Urquell t-shirt. We became so fakir till its not funny, yet we dug every Cz.Krown for a pack of Vogue Menthol!!

The Ghost Trail sucked. What a scam. Out of 5 stories, only 2 were okay. Pfffttt!! Nothing muchlah. Li Hoong and Jason headed back to the hotel after it ended. Sha and I had nice dinner opposite Karlovy Lazne@ The Biggest Music Club In Middle Europe.

Its a 4-floor joint (costed 120Cz.Krown per entree/no drinks). HipHop is on the Ground Floor, upstairs is House then 80s and the highest is called Paradogs but its really somewhat like House. Quite a few guys came up to us at the HipHop scene, later was much worse. A lot of drunk British kids and sleazy bastards. Sadly, Sha and I agreed that Arena Club last night was better!

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