Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Bad News

I accompanied Khalid to his Law Faculty to enquire his options about his resits. What happens if he fails either one or both of his papers, can he still proceed to Year 2 and stuff like that.

Unfortunately, it is compulsory to pass Contract and Public Law. These 2 papers are pre-exquisites to the following year so Khalid feels even more fucked up. His folks are mad at him and my say doesnt make him feel any better. Plus I stupidly left to yak with Vicky without telling him *gasp*

Vicky seemed okay. I wasnt sure of my reaction when she said, “Actually I am very surprised Khalid still could pass 2 papers. Somemore you came to disturb him during his exams”. I felt a sharp piercing because yeahh, I was there when he should be preparing for his exams. Worse yet, I made him more miserable after I left. At this point, I felt like shit too :(

Sha was pissed as well. Nick sat for 7 papers, he failed 6. His resits are not looking so bright either. Chances are, he might have to repeat a year. I can imagine how stressed my best is. She was right about me not being able to give her comfort, being judgemental and all. I admit I was angry. I just dont see how things are gonna work out but then again, this is not my relationship so no matter how dysfunctional I think it is, I am not the one who decides.

I want Khalid to be okay, be it in England or back in Mauritius. It wasnt nice hearing him say “Coming here was my biggest mistake”, then cursing the should have’s etc What is done, is done so most importantly now is to rough up a plan for him. Such dilemma. He was supposed to feel better today.

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