Friday, August 11, 2006


At the Russian Embassy this morning, a few fellas prolly students from Russia were waiting for Candy to attend to them. I got my visa and passports in a while. For some reason, Candy was very cheerful and friendly with me. Oh well :)

The journey to Penang was extra long. Usually Daddy drives at 180kph at least on the highway but with the Proton Wira, Mummy drove because Daddy couldn’t take the slow speed LOL Mummy triedlahh. She burst out laughing at herself because she said it was an embarrassment that the car started shaking at 130kph!

If the needle were to go anymore to the right, we would have taken off :P Ah Mah looked okay. She could recognise who’s who. She drinks water too often. It would make her dialysis difficult if the water level in her body is high. Plus Ah Mah has always been quite a liar and till now she still lies pretty much. Denies this and add stories to that etc

Mummy kept asking me to hold her hand and chat with her. Sadly, Ah Mah’s mind seems to wonder somewhere else. She asked proper questions like hows Jackie Boy, how come I am not doing my attachment at HUKM this year and stuff I dont even remember.

Hmmm we had dinner at this small restaurant which Daddy calls “Potato Porridge”. He said it is operated by Thai fellas. The food not to say damn hebat or anymore delicious than anywhere we have been but the stray puppy was so adorable! I fed it chicken bones and there was a jet black cat with bright yellow eyes. It scared me at first *blurrghhh*

The stray puppy looked clean but you knowlahh, Mummy and her “Haiyaaa this AIDSie puppy is filthy”. I patted on its head and it reminded me of Lucky! The jet black cat got its share too. I threw some fish boned (with some meat) for it too. Ahhhh when we left, the puppy followed me but stopped at the yellow line on the road. It knows its boundaries :)

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