Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Mum and I rented quite an old series called The Herbalist's Manual. Damn nice! Been watching them for hours. Reminds me of catching 24 with Boss and Reena back in Moscow LOL

Sha passed her exam! So did Juls :) Khalid called me in the evening hehehee He failed 2 out of 4 papers. Considered good news since he expected more! We spoke for sometime and hes so sweet *blush* I cant wait to see him, I know I will before I even realise it. Sha has already gotten my London-Moscow ticket for me. In fact I went to transfer money into her account this afternoon. I hope she gets it!!

Actually I forgot to include this story which I witnessed from the bus window at Larkin Terminal. There was one Mat Salleh dude seated on the bench next to a Malay man in his 30s maybe, holding on to his little daughter. Between them was the newspaper. When I looked again, they have already striked up a conversation about the World Cup finals LOL

The Mat Salleh dude mimicked Zidane's head-butting move, while the Malay man nodded and added his own comments. They both obviously spoke about football. What I proved the tagline all over TV ads "We All Speak One Language. Football". The picture of two men of different race, different background and culture, headed different directions having a 15min conversation was harmonious. I smiled to that :)

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