Monday, July 03, 2006

UK Or Not

I admit I have no balls to tell Mummy about Khalid's existance. I am pretty close to finishing my studies, I guess she doesnt want me to mess up. I love her too much to let her be hurt. The saying "What she doesnt know wont hurt her".

Mum and I have been spending a lot of time together. I still havent met any of my friends yet. Sharon wanted to ZOUK with me last Thurday but I had to think twice. Sha's not around to keep me company to go out and all. Sorrylahh. The Tamil Tigers will have to stay behind the bush. Mum always tells me dont waste time on unnecessary people whos got nothing to do with my life. If she knew what kind of activities I was up to last year, she would pack her stuff again. For sure!

Now Tri is in Langkawi, I hope Sharon finds free time so that we could ride up north to visit her! Woohoo! Another island, sun, sea, sand and tan! :) This is soooooooo cool. Sha also messaged the other day. She's working now and hopefully she will have enough money. She got me really excited when she suggested a trip to Ibiza or some Greek island. Personally I would really like Spain or Portugal hehehee

Khalid wrote me a long email today. Hes still sweet only I have my doubts. I dont think he will come along with us anywhere. Its disappointing of course. But until I am there to confirm it, I have half the mind to change our picture. This sucks *frowns*

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