Saturday, July 22, 2006

Two Chop

Around 130am, Hian Foo said there were 5 of them waiting for me at the entrance. I had to leave Poppy. Hehehhe the 5 dudes were Yew Foong, Weng Soon, Tat Yew, Hian Foo and one skinny dude (Andrew or Alfred, something like that). Great to see these fellas!

We ascended upstairs to Thai Cowboy. As usual, it was fucking pack. They were playing house music but it was damn happening. Okay. Compared to Poppy, these fellas aint my roots. At one glance, I would say 4 out of 5 guys were ugly. I didnt bother checking further. Hong Zen was there already, with Lili. It was my first time meeting his gf but she aint too friendly. I didnt dare give Hong Zen a hug because he has told me all her weirdass stories. Less than a minute after meeting me, she went to the ladies'. I gave Hong Zen a hug and everyone laughed :P

Oohhh Soon Chee was there too, immediately he poured me Chivas on the rocks. Told me to down it so I did (gladly LOL) I had a great time with them. Hian Foo did his bull horn moves again and apparently hes known for that! Ahhh how much I miss clubbing with Sha, Sharon and Tri altogether. In Bristol, it was fun too. With Porks, Ezlin and Khalid around. If Nick were there, he would have shuffled already!

I made a dedication for "Friends of SSM", the DJ announced it twice and luckily, these cartoons heard :) Lili didnt drink or dance much, only glued herself to Hong Zen. Haihhh Hong Zen would be so much fun if he came alone but the after party would be more fun for him. Soon Chee was actually very nice, he yelled out toasts to SSM. Hmmm I downed big gulps to that!

Hian Foo and I were shaking to Shakira's "Hips Dont Lie" hehehee It was hilarious. Good time came to an end when slow songs were played. We pretty much sobered up but I dont think I had too much to drink anyways. Hian Foo took a 5sec from the bottle somemore! Whoaa. I had to hold a bit because I dont wanna visit Popo tomorrow, acting more senile that her! :P

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