Saturday, July 29, 2006


We did soooo much today! Woke up not too early but the day was beautiful :) Sharon was complaining already LOL We had lunch at Chiew Restaurant in Chenang Beach. Hmmm seafood. We were very fickle about the day's activities. Wanted to rent bicycles, wanted to go for massage, wanted to naik kereta kaBEL, wanted to do this and that.

The beach is awesome. Dirty but nice. Since the 2 got period, we just stood around and posed hehehe We decided to go for the hills instead. One good thing I realised about Langkawi is, no sexual harassment here. I mean the men only look, they dont use their mouth.

The maroon-coloured cable cars werent steady! My god. We reached the 3rd station on the top at 715m above but decided not to walk any further (theres a famous bridge youre supposed to go). We behaved like real tourists LOL Tri has been on the island for 4months, she had never been to these places before. Sharon was feeling all emo because the last time she came here was with Ariff hehehee

We descended and went to a Thai massage parlour. Fooh! Bloody jakuns LOL It was hilarious. Our feet were treated first, some Reflexology action. Then escorted us into bamboo-walled rooms for back massage. We were damn embarassing I tell you. Shocked us when the masseurs told us to take off our tops. Tri could even ask "Bra also ahh??" Hehehehe jakuns to the max!

Shopping in Langkawi is so-so. Not to say any special or cheaper than KL. We headed back for a nap around 6pm. Sharon and I dropped Tri to Aseania then we had seafood dinner again at Orkid Ria. OMG. Bloody delicious and cheap! 4 dishes for RM38! Plus tonight will be helluva wild. Got bottles of tequila waiting what :P

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