Thursday, July 20, 2006

Tong Kwai

Whoaaa. Bloody tiring. My ass was stiff by the time we reach home last night. It rained all the way from Bukit Merah. Since Dad was driving so I stayed up chatting with him while Mummy snored in the back seat hehehee

Ohh this afternoon we went to visit my 2nd Aunt's orchard. Collected bags of rambutans and laici-rambutans. They are somewhat different in shape and taste too. Ate some durians and I must say, partly because of Khalid's fault (he tells me "be fat, be round, its cuuuuute") and also we DO eat alot in Penang *sighhh* Its so not funny. I cant fit into many baby t's and tops anymore *sighhh louder*

Today I got my teeth scaled in Yulek. Then I dropped by MSL office to make payment for my KL-London ticket. I was fucking lucky about the whole ticket issue. As a tourist, I cannot buy a one-way ticket to UK. I will need a visa like that. So this agent who attended to me explained and suggested I could buy KL-London-Moscow altogether!! I only hope Sha hasnt bought the ticket from STATravel LOL

You see. I feel so lucky because firstly, the fellas didnt issue the ticket from Sha. Then Sha went to the STATravel office but there were too many people, she didnt book it. By right she needs my documents to purchase but I was in Penang. I could only send to her when I get back. I got back last night but our phoneline was terminated! Imagine!! I would have lost RM1100 and prolly get blacklisted to get into UK!! Damn it :P

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