Thursday, July 06, 2006


Today's the first time since my homecoming, I am seeing a non-member of the family!

Sharon and I planned to meet at Midvalley for a movie. Her somehow-related cousin, Navin joined us an hour before show started in Chili's. He lived in Australia all his life and he speaks with a adorable accent. We had drinks by the bar, yakked and Navin seemed a little shy. Only smiling at all the cock Sharon and I were talking about! I teased that one of his tattoos look like the Biohazard symbol hehehehe At first I hung out with Mummy for a couple of hours. It is much different this time with her. I realised she's treating me like an adult unlike the previous summer holidays. Really nice :)

Even better, while we were going for the tickets, I caught Hian Foo's back! I was just telling Sharon how he complained to me he hasnt seen Sharon since F3 (its actually F4). What a coincidence! We tapped him from behind and all 3 of us burst into "AAhhhh's!!" and "AAAAAhhhhhh's!!!" hehehehe His gf was there, so was Soon Chee and his gf. They were prolly stunt by exaggerated expressions. You know us, right LOL

Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift is entertaining. Sharon sat in between Navin and I. Haiyaaa.. couldnt share popcorn :P Oohh guess what. Mun Yee and her friend, Kenneth were seated in front of us! After the movie, Sharon repeatedly announced "I want to drift!" with the hand-on-steering gesture the ENTIRE night. Later at Char Chan Teng (Leisure Mall's HK restaurant joint) I warned her Mum over the phone about her newfound desire. Her mum threatened not to give her the car anymore :P

Hian Foo joined us after her sent them all home. It was great seeing him and this dude always meets old friends spontaneously! We hope to make it to Langkawi on the weekend after i return from Penang *fingers crossed!* Sha is trying to get me my London-Moscow ticket online. My poor best, working so hard but hehehehe when I am there.. we are soooo gonna party!!

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