Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Ah Mah's welfare is arranged. Daddy and his brothers managed to discuss in peace, then only we left. Now only time will tell how long can Ah Mah live with the help of dialysis. We went with her yesterday to the centre. She was damn weak and drowsy :(

Mum and I drove to Pantai Jerjak to visit Sylvia Sis, a wonderful family friend. 17 years ago, she rented a room for a couple of months in our house. She then left for SIA so we lost touch for a couple of years. But she sent us CNY cards yearly until she was enganged, she invited to her wedding. Now shes got 2 kids- Justin and Megan who are so adorable and polite!

This time we spent the most days in Penang. Usually we would come back for 2-3 days only. I have learned a lot from this trip. Seriously, our Tan Family is terribly complicated. The more we sat around, the more stories we heard. More secrets and not-so-nice confessions we exchanged. But in a way its priceless. These are certain scenes in life one has to face or at least be armed for. I love my family very much.

I have been so reserved so far. I never went clubbing, I never met everyone and better yet, not everyone has my new number LOL I received some messages on Friendster and email requesting for my presence! Hahahahaa seelah. Sha still hasnt got my ticket from STATravel yet. I needa send her copies of my passport and ISIC card asap!

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