Monday, July 17, 2006


Thank God Ah Mah didnt break any bones from her bad fall in the bathroom. Yesterday we visited Moy Yee and Mamma. You see. Sometimes I feel very sad because I only come back once and year. I see changes, aged loved ones and then I hear ill news about relatives or friends. My heart really aches.

Last night we had dinner with Big Auntie (Dad's eldest sister). She cried on dinner table because of Ah Mah's messed up words, her own son and other stuff. Second Auntie went for a check-up to find she has ovarian cancer (but benign. no threat). Still. She is worried sick. She usually laughs and her laugher echoes till the next few houses. Now she cant even hold a smile to a joke. Sighh.

Mum and Dad are taking a nap upstairs. I am using the hotel's Internet service. We woke up very early today to lift Ah Mah to the clinic. Now that we know she didnt break anything, it is a huge relief!

I received a few messages from Sha on Friendster. Her previous booking for me was canceled but luckily she found airtickets from STATravel. We are also discussing about our holidays to Spain. Ezlin will come even but we have to make it earlier so she can sit for her failed paper. Hmmm if we do fly on 15th August, I think I wont get to see Khalid so soon *cries*

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