Sunday, July 30, 2006

Ride Home

So we stayed up till the morning light. Tricia's HM boys@ Surjen, Butt, two pretty cute Malay fellas and Anton accompanied us by the beach. I would like to be right about them thinking "When will these girls stop??" LOL

Anton drove us back to Tri's. We needed to shower, pack up and head to the Kuah jetty. Anton dozed off on the bed for an hour while Tri had to handle Farid on the phone. That fella was so desperate to come over. I felt a bit reluctant to leave Langkawi. I mean we had so much fun during our stay here!

I was broke already. Good thing because ngam-ngam my money was just nice for the Duty Free shop. Bought a carton of Malboro Lights for Gabby and a bottle of Savignon for Mummy. We sat at Starbucks, waiting for the ferry at 11am. Anton gave me a short synopsis of the stories he wrote, now waiting to be made into a movie. Not bad huhh.

It was a sad moment for the three of us. Tricia, Sharon and I hugged for a while by the ferry. By the time we boarded, I was exhausted. Tri sent us a message thanking us for coming, said it meant a lot to her :) I am sure the C4s will return to Langkawi or elsewhere together!

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