Saturday, July 08, 2006

Pork Chop

Juls invited me to her house for BBQ this evening. I called Hian Foo to come along. Little did I know that her style is so much different than our C4's annual BBQ. In fact, it made me more proud of ours! Wasted we couldnt keep the ritual this year *sighh*

Supposedly starts at 6pm or so. We got there an hour plus later, came into the kitchen to see 2 of her friends and her still rolling sushi. No signs of marinated meat. Then more of her friends arrived but they were no fun at all. I mean good for Juls because theyve all known each other since 7. At least trylah involve Hian Foo and I into their convo or ask how we are related to Juls or something! They spoke among themselves loudly, somewhat ignored us and yeahh, we did feel left out. Fucking hot somemore.

All in all, there were a packet of lamb (form a C with index and thumb of both hands, join them and thats the size of their lamb, about 4 pieces), miso soup, sushi which some were unhygienically prepared by her lesbian friend whos rude in my eyes, sausages, corn, baked potatos with cornbeef but her latecomer friends brought quite a lot of drumsticks (which were infested by tiny ants because they left the tupperware cover by its side, not on it). We left around 10pm.

We met up with Reena, Jason, Jeff and Wishnu at Asia Cafe, a joint outside Inti College. Poor Reena. Got her wisdom teeth pulled out, now swollen. They aint too happy this summer hols, ohh well. We didnt stay for too long anyways. They were playing pool, Hian Foo and I were tired so we decided to call it a night. I think I have fallen sick. Must have caught a cold or so :(

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