Thursday, July 13, 2006


Today was the premiere of Pirates of The Carribean 2 : Dead Man's Chest. Since the past weeks, Mum had been marvelling over the tentacles of Davy Jones on TV trailers. I gave a short synopsis about the prequel and she was very interested about pirates LOL

Mummy was so cute. She acted all cute like "Girl, I havent been to the cinema for ages! Bring me to the sequellahhh..." So I agreed since no one had asked me or did I have anyone in mind to watch with. But guess what. In the car yesterday, she had to brag to Daddy but with a different story. She said "Girl promised to take me to a movie" :P I burst out laughing and corrected that she made me bring her!!

Anyways. Our movie was at 3pm at GSC Leisure Mall. It was fullhouse. Whoaaa. I booked the tickets earlier but we got there late to pick up the tickets so they were given away. Our seats were okay, somewhere on the right corner. There was another auntie next to Mum. That auntie annoyed Mummy because she kept jumping on her seat at some not-so-frightful scenes!

Hehehee I could tell Mum didnt like the movie too much. Davy Jones looked gruesome but that was it. The ending also like cock only, hanging halfway. Especially clueless to Mummy since she didnt watch the first part. But at least I am glad I took Mummy out for a movie :)

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