Monday, July 31, 2006

Pet Bro

The last time I saw Jeffrey was 3 years ago. We met at Midvalley at 1pm for lunch-movie. We had Nando's, he bought but Lady In The Water was my treat. Aahh we had a good time catching up on each other's life :)

It was funny how we became pet sister-brother. I remember we used to chat on ICQ years ago. If I have not mistaken, I was F3 or F4. Hes 2 years younger than I so he could have only been F2. Anyways, one evening he offended me by saying that I am fat! I got mad at him but he kept apologising, sounding remorseful. I forgave him and he referred me to his Che ever since. Drama right LOL

I bought him a t-shirt from HRC Moscow as birthday/CNY/Christmas present. Aaah another brother all grown up. He sounded more matured than the last time we spoke. He used to talk about money and whos richer all the time but suprisingly he was cool. After the movie, he sent me home. Hehehee shame that I still dont drive right :P

Evening was awesome. I watched Animal Planet for 3hours. It was amazing!

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