Saturday, July 22, 2006

One Chop

Mel called at the beginning of this week for tonight's Poppy. Early evening, I messaged asking whether tonight is on. He never replied. Next thing he was apologising that he and his gf got big drama so he's not coming :( Ohh well, our plan was wrecked. No table, no cash to open our own but worst of all is the sudden change of plan due to useless reasons sucks!

I came up with a brilliant idea. I suggested to Viknes that he come pick us up, drive us to Mel's and cause havoc! Farah, Fuad (her brother), Sharon and I hopped into his car and ciao-ed. We only made alot of noise but decided to fuck itlahh, when we arrive at Mel's, he and gf might already be having make-up sex!

Poppy is THE club. The music, the atmosphere, the people etc. Even though it was filled with my roots, they are bloody good-looking. OMG. I am not kidding. Farah must look like me. She managed to get in with my IC (again). Fuad's cool. We went in under Samantha's guestlist. There were about 10 of us, all waiting for Sam to open bottle! She did anyways and I had 2 glasses. The Dewar's bottle was emptied in less than half an hour. I was too distractedlerrr.. too many roots to look at!

Hian Foo was calling on my hp asking me to Thai Club. You see. Sharon's SAAB tyre punctured. She couldnt drive me home later. I cant put up in her crib anyways because tomorrow morning we are going to visit Popo. I heard from Hian Foo they were gonna club tonight too so I tried my luck. See see, they really ended up in Thai Club :)

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