Saturday, July 15, 2006

My Foot

Ouch! The wound is a torture. Its swollen and I cant even walk properly. After we collected my new passport which can last me another 6years, Mum and I went shopping at Sg.Wang :) I mean there are many shopping malls but I guess that’s still my favourite.

I bought a few more tops, Mum and I had Haagen Daz ice-cream mooncake (not to say anything to scream about, in fact it sucked). We were people-watching and there were many weirdos on the street. Hehehee it was fun checking then out!

Daddy will go to Singapore tomorrow and when he returns, we will be headed to Penang one more time to visit Ah Mah. Sadly, Daddy mentioned something like, Ah Mah is not gonna make it till my graduation. Not that Ah Mah and I have been the closest but he thought of my grandmother being so ill is truly depressing.

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