Friday, July 28, 2006


Our bus left Puduraya at 120am. Mum sent me and Sharon off. That journey took 6hours. Gotlahh, we slept off and on. Stopped by to pee at 2 tol stops. We were bloody worried we might miss getting down at Kuala Perlis hehehee Kept waking up to ask if we arrived yet!

At 73oam we boarded the first ferry. The ride also took an hour or so. Tricia's sms kept coming. We were just as excited as her! She waited at Kuah jetty. The second we saw her, in her oversized shades, we went screaming. "Chin!!", "Sharon!!", "Tri!!!", "Aaahhh!!!", *laughing like hyenas with hugs*

Cloudy Langkawi. When we come only it rained LOL We checked-into Tri's apartment, dumped our bags, hello to the family, showered and off we went around the island. We wanted to rent a car but there wasnt any auto Kancil. Tri then came up with a brilliant idea (doesnt occur often) that we could rent Nana @Tri's cousin sister's car! No air-con, dirty, messy, CD collection scratched badly but overall mobile!

Time moved exceptionally slow. Everytime we checked the clock, we were still in the same hour! Sharon went on a ciggie spree, trying new packs like Black Devil, then asking for non-available brands like St.Dupont's, Hugo Boss and a list to which the shopkeepers shrugged no to hahahahaa

We were gonna return home with our Martini when Tri spotted a group of HM (pilot school) boys in uniform. Believe me, she was so thrilled by their presence at the Cendol Pulut truck stall, she did a 180-degree Tokyo Drift action. Hahahhahaa little did we know these dudes are not only bad-looking, they are juniors with one stripe only. Tricia couldnt take her eyes off the ugly dude on the red plastic chair with 890 written on the side. My god. We had to cover by ordering a bowl too!

The cendol pulut tasted like shit. A bug fell onto Tricia's chest. She whacked it off so hard till her tube top nearly came off! My god. We laughed like idiots but mostly because we thought it was God's punishment to drift for no good reasons :P

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