Saturday, July 01, 2006

Grandma Visit

Daddy drove us back to Bahau to visit Popo and Gu Po. Whoa. Its been 2 years since I last saw them. Previous summer hols Mum wasnt around so we left it as that. They were being well taken care of by other relatives. When I saw them, a slight pang of sadness overtook me. They look so fragile, older and shrunken.

Popo is unbelievable. She is so senile but its pretty funny. These are the lines she innocently said to me.
  • So you and Ah Mui (my mum) working in the factory, make sure you are careful with yourselves
  • You know, I harvested bananas down the road for 6days. The tauke only paid me for 4 days!!
  • I had my menses the other day. I am not joking. I really had. (she is 80 years old)
  • Haihhh I have nothing to eat, no one cares, no one visits me at all, I am all alone here
  • Memm, mehhhh, em mybehhsi che .. *followed by incomprehensible words*

Hehehhee I know I shouldnt be laughing but according to my folks, it is better this way than to be sad/worried about her condition. Gu Po is still fine, only her hearing is impaired. God works in mysterious ways. Popo is an angry woman who blames everyone about everything, up to the point of cursing them. Since Gu Po is deaf now, she doesnt have to pay attention at all. I guess the signs of God's blessings :)

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