Sunday, July 16, 2006

Family Potrait

Ah Mah's condition is rather grave. She fell 2-3 days ago, slipped in the bathroom. She cant even walk now. Daddy has 3 brothers and 3 sisters altogether but ever since I was born into this family, there were always fights and disagreement with each other. Tagline: Neverending Drama.

I enjoy our dialect, Teochew. I enjoy listening to my relatives and Daddy speak. I am always fascinated when I hear new words. Anyways. Our current family situation is somewhat like "Kittimalem". About politics, money, not power but the responsibility for Ah Mah's welfare. Our family is huge. Unfortunately, it is nothing close to Don Corleone's. His family members see eye-to-eye. Our family members, sad to say, dont.

Problems arise because Ah Mah likes to convey different stories. Mummy always says that Ah Mah lived (still lives) a great life. Since she married to Ah Gong, she has never worked. She never had to do housework. Ah Gong cooked, laundry was done by another lady and her children looked after themselves. All she did was gambled and complained. Even till now, immobile and going for dialysis, she longs to gamble and complains.

Ah Mah will prolly never be contented. Plus now she is getting senile due to her condition, we cant believe everything she says anymore. For eg. food is given to her but she doesnt want to eat. She goes around telling no one cares to give her food. Sighh. We are going to bring her to the X-ray specialist for her legs. There is no shame to be sick and taken care of. Ah Mah doesnt have to feel like that at all.

It hurts to see her in pain. But if she is still so stubborn and creating problems, it only makes matters worse. I hope she wont suffer too long :(

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