Friday, July 28, 2006


We all took a short nap for tonight's action. Tricia's cousin brother, Wynton cooked fried rice for us. Sharon and I dropped Tri to Aseania where she sings around 10pm but we went later for her 2nd set when its more crowded with mat rempiks, old men and sesat people.

Sharon slept while I had a chat with Wynton. They are the Solianos what, jazz fellas. Wynton was very hospitable, he whacked 6 cans of Carlsberg while Sharon and I gulped Martini down our throats (some pre-club drinking session). The 3 of us then got ready to most happening club on the island! Pleaselahh, she already warned us how its like LOL

Tri and her band were having a break so the DJ was spinning hip-hop music. The dancefloor was filled with Mat Sallehs. A few girls were dancing as if they were being electrocuted B) We were acquainted to her bandmates, her friends and whoever that Hi-ed Tricia. We dance, drunk but not drunk. No wonder Tricia lost so much weight. She shakes off those fats every night. Their performance was good.

Around 230am, we drove off to Ocean Waves. A very friendly bar by the beach. We got free booze by Abang Man, we had so much it wasnt funny. Irwan and Vicky (the bartenders) are damn cute! Performed magic, really freaky ones! We promised we would come back tomorrow night and with that, Abang Man promised us bottles of tequila!

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