Friday, July 21, 2006

Black Label

Last night was my first time clubbing since I got back. Me, Sharon, Mirwan, Alee (his gf), Farah and Michelle got to ZOUK around 1130pm but the entrance was never like before. I was disappointed of course. Cant blame the club since it was raided 2-3weeks ago.

This Ghetto Heaven which Sha and I patronised for 9 Thursdays in a row last year is no more happening :( Not only that, it was packed with Chinese for some reason! Arghhh you know how Chinese dont dance, only "yam seng" all the way so the dancefloor was empty. Farah and Michelle are only 18 so they were turned away, we triedlahh hehehee Farah managed to get in with my IC but Michelle didnt (she used Sharon's). So they left.

There were some Chinese hip hoppers, with the tattoos, the whole works. Theyve got some style but I dont know.. they dont look so tight to me because they are too fair (cant believe im saying this LOL)

Harjit arrived later with his gang. We got 2 bottles of Johnnie Walker BL and started drinking away. I think I would be happier with Chivas or JD but beggars cant be choosers! There were no sign of any familiar kakis. We hit the dancefloor, I was on the podium with Glenda for a while. Shes cool. But later, we girls had a great time dancing so it was alrightlahh.

Shah was there too. He basically ruined my night. He kept a distance as if I was gonna disturb him *roll my eyes* Harjit said he was shocked to see me, he scolded Harjit for not telling him. What the fuck. Then Harjit's friend, Dinesh tried to hit on me, telling me that he and Jag thinks that I am really hot. Whateverlahhh. But I would say Alan was sizzling! *yummy!* I didnt notice him earlier though.. Harjit didnt introduce us hehehee

Highlight of the night was spotting a super-senior on the dancefloor!! She was shocked when I crept up on her asking "Dr.Chandini, what are you doing here?". She recognised me but surprisingly she quickly explained herself "Nooo I dont like clubbing actually". I guess she was there to destressedlahh.

Hopefully ZOUK would regain their rep. I enjoyed myself with my friends of course but ZOUK itself sucks now :(

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