Saturday, July 29, 2006


The club wasnt as happening as last night. No Mat Sallehs but more Mat Rempiks. Tri's good friend, a Russian dude called Anton came down from KL. We werent as active as last night though. The HM boys came tonight, Tri was bloody excited!

Abang Man was on the other side of the bar. He reminded us of the bottles. Hehehee of course we are gonna down them! We stayed until closing then all jumped into Anton's car. Dunno from where he picked up this CD with a fucking amazing dance track. It goes "Dont want no short dick man, dont want no short dick man" then repeated "Dont- dont- dont, dont- dont- dont, dontdontdont, dont- dont- dont, dontdontdont, dont want no short dick man" LOL Chorus "Eenie weenie teenie weenie little shrievel short dick man *repeat 2-3x* That is the shortest dick I have ever seen in my whole life! Get outta here!!"

Heheheee we were definitely noisy, crazy and alco hungry :P

We sped to Ocean Waves. The HM boys were there too. Oohh from this point on, I knew Tri's drinks before must have been spiked. She was drunk after tequila shots. I mean I was sober. She was gone, unstable, F-language all out and went tumbling! I was chatting with Jason, Nicholas and Farid. Nice dudes. Tri, Sharon and Anton went running along the beach hehehee

The entire night, we drank "To Friendship!" and "To Sha!!". Seriously, next year the C4 must go to an island. We missed Sha so much that we kept wishing how nice if she were around with us. We actually recorded a short clip for her (Tri and Sha felt nostalgic about the Yellow Brick Road at KLCC last year) but Anton didnt switch to video mode *doink!*

We ended the night/morning by watching sunrise on the west side. Yeahh this tells you Tri was really gone LOL Idiots waiting for sunrise on the west side of Langkawi. But it was fun :)

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