Tuesday, July 25, 2006


I paid my airtickets today at MSL! I am set and will be leaving Malaysia on the 14th August. Felt a bit sad in the car when the thought set in, I mean its gonna be another year till I see my family again. Not to mention I have only seen Fats once!

Around 120pm, Gabby came to pick me up. He is still the same Gabby I met every year! He suggested earlier that we should visit Aquaria. Its the talk of the townlahh. Big aquariums and a 90m tunnel underwater view etc We bumped into his sister, Catherine with her boyfriend at Haagen-Daz. This was the second time meeting her and I like her, shes friendly and chatty.

At the entrance of Aquaria, there are 2 gigantic Arapaimas measuring 450cm each! They have reptiles too from Brazilian, African and local forests. There was a huge ass frog and it was HUGE! The marmoset was the cutest! A small bugger from the Amazon. The sharks were gigantic but then there was a sign which read "The creatures appear 30% bigger than their actual size". Because of the thick glasslahh must be :P

After the tour ended, I must conclude it aint too impressive (compared to Underwater World in Singapore) but educational enough for school kids. We hung around, looking at the sales. I wasnt feeling too hungry but excited to watch Superman! The movie had been around for a month plus yet our show was full-house! Superman is THE hero. Hes invincible. Hes the Man of Steel. Fooh!

We went for dinner at DOME. I didnt order the Chicken Pot Pie like I usually do but my choice was brilliant. Chicken and Mushroom Spaghetti *yummy!* Gabby sent me home after the meal. Seelah. Maybe before I leave we should drop by PetroSains too. More educational tours LOL

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