Monday, July 10, 2006


Mum and I went to support Fats in Singapore. My brother took part in a long distance race to which he steadily ran, overtook 11 other boys. He finished 14th. Hahahaa I know Fats loves to run and takes this sport seriously. His Coach Mr.Lin spoke to us and his words were "He has got potentials, at first he was hopping, now he is running. He can do much better next year". Ahhh such compliments :)

It was great seeing him after a year. Hes very tanned and face pretty much filled with pimples. Fats is going for the student exchange programme to Cambridge School I think at the end of July till mid-August. In fact, the day I fly off to UK is when he returns from there. Every student needs to pay S$4000 but my smart brother went around contacting sponsors so now he only pays S$400!

We are all very concerned over his choice of professions. At first he told me he wanted to study Nanotechnology, then it went to "I want to be a scientist" after wanting to work with chemicals and now its back at point 1- he doesnt know yet. Daddy has been putting a lot of pressure on him. Fats has no interest at all in medicine though Daddy insists that its the best profession ever. You can work on your own or in the government, you will never be unemployed.Daddy's intentions are good but Fats just has bigger dreams.

I think I wont see him again before I leave for UK. I miss my brother so much :(

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