Friday, June 16, 2006

V's License

Last family (away from home) dinner with V. There was somewhat unshown sadness masked with smile and laughter although V did whine abit about missing the scene, leaving Moscow and all behind. Mostly we spoke about her parents arrival, our plans for them etc

"Licensed to kill" ehh. Cant believe they are graduating. In fact they are done with examination, the tradition lunch also had already with the Professors, now just waiting to don the robes and hats! V said she got really good seats for us , we will be seating with their parents :O V gets to make a speech too! I personally think its an honour because only Gold Medalists and First-Class Honour students get that priviledge so *salute, V*

I prepared Golden Phoenix and luckily, it was a success! The Morroccan orange and onion stuffing make the gravy extra zesty. It was yummy, of course Royal Mix added the feast for a King! Actually its more like for a very good friend who has made it through, made it big :)

I wonder whats gonna happen to us when it is our turn to graduate!

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