Tuesday, June 06, 2006

One Word

Lyrics/Composer/Music : Mervin Ng Man Meng
Copyright 2005 ManMeng.net
Download : http://www.oneduasan.com/manmeng%20-%20thanks.zip

Song Title : Thanks

All night long, looking through into my phone,
Waiting for the call to come,
Never thought i would be so lost,
There is nowhere i can belong,

And you're here, you helped me through the time,
When i just need someone on the line,
If I get to see you one more time,
Let me be the one to tell you this,

Thanks to you, my friend,
When others could not understand,
When there is nothing that i can hold on to,
Thanks to you, my friend,
Everything seems so wrong to me,
I'm glad I still have you by my side.

Can i find, an empty space for me to breathe,
An open room for me to scream,
What i want is to runaway,
Avoiding myself from being played,

Is it so easy to find a friend
Afterall, you are only clicking through your hand.

After so long, much been said and done,
Thanks to you, my friend.

ps. http://nonpoison4salmon.blogspot.com/2005/08/mervin-mervin.html

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