Monday, June 12, 2006

24 Series

We started watching 24 Season 2 (which was a mistake) but there are only 4 episodes dl-ed so far! Now we have to wait a couple more days for the other! Damn nicelerrr. I know. I know we should be preparing for Obstetrics but seriously, there isnt one ounce of exam mood at all :P

Khalid called yesterday. Its always nice to hear from this boy. We spoke about current events and then brought up the idea to go somewhere for a holiday together! I got all excited of course! I am planning on returning earlier to Moscow like mid-August so I can fly down to UK to see him. We will try to get a Russian visa for him to come visit me too.

I surfed a bit for the budget airfares and I found direct flight from Bristol to Dublin sounds like a brilliant idea! Spend a week or so there, its gonna be soooo romantic! Ahhh I best not rush into single-opinionated decisions. See see his re-exams wont be over till then *arrghhh* That would really backfire our plans LOL

Hmmm nothing much has been happening around the house. I found a new recipe called Almond Chicken which I would really like to try out soon. Reena and I had an independant outing to Peterochka for milk, catfood for the furret, munchies etc While lining up to pay for the stuff, she burst out a statement "How come you look so clean, cant tell that you never bathed" Hahahaha

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