Friday, June 30, 2006

Mum's Home

Woooooohoooo! Home is where the heart is and I love my home! :)

Been back for a couple of days now. I was in Dubai for 2D/3N with Mun Yee, Yun Kin, Victor, Lionel, Douglas and J2. The others were Shirley, Huey Shin, Danny and Sandra who were off on their own most of the time. We bumped into a few others at the Gold Souk. Oohhh Wild Wadi was fun and burning!!

I am very happy with my tan but the rests look like lobsters! We went shopping but unfortunately the sales werent good at all! *cries* We went to City Centre and to a new one called Emirates Mall. Nothinglahh. A big disappointment because last year was amazing! I arrived at KLIA with so many bags!!

Anyways. The desktop in my room is still alive. Well -barely. Its really slow and hangs half the time. Only I can handle it but sometimes it retaliates. I am running on 56kps so you know why I am not on MSN or BLOG-ing at all. To load a page also takes fucking long. I better submit this before it goes mad on me again LOL

Mum is home now. The house looks nice and clean. Dad lost pretty much weight, looking gaunt. I miss them both so much. Honestly, with Mum around, I aint as free as a bird like previous holidays but in a way its a blessing :)

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