Sunday, June 04, 2006


No one gives a damn about Therapy exam on Monday LOL I studied abit, Jason and Reena procrastinated alot, in fact Jason was stuck to his PCGame called Heroes V while Reena just farting around (carrying her pet whilst making weirdass Tu-tu-tuuuu sounds)

Hmmm nothing much happened for the past couple of days. We have been watching a damn traumatic series called 24Hours. Definitely not for the weak hearts. Even I nearly died from the suspenseful moments. Oohh Aron came over for dinner yesterday! It was nice to see him again. He actually said that I lost weight but if I had shown his whats under my T-shirt, he would take his words back! Just like Reena who said "CJ.. *mournful tone* I love you... but.. this..."

The 4 of us yakked in the kitchen for hours. Aron was bitching about everything and everyone. Dont wonder why I am so bitchy :P He still asks the same questions 1) Why are all Chinese blind and 2) Why only the ugly Malaysians come to Moscow?

The weather is weird. Sometimes sunny and then few days in a row, windy like fuck and chilly. Urrgghhh. I cant wait to go to Dubai. I have paid 266pyb but the lady who attended to me wasnt really friendly. Tsk tsk. I arrived at KLIA 1125pm. Cant wait!! Soooooo cant wait! Sha will be back only in mid-July or not, later. Well. I guess we would be spending only more or less a month together but I am sure we will make the best out of it!

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