Thursday, June 01, 2006


Lasagna spaghetti, carbonara! Fettucini pasta, pizza Italiano eh, ehh! Don Corleone, respecto, respecto! Grazie! Ehh, ehh! Pegro!

Don Pisa @Reena, Don Tan @Boss, Don Pegro @Me. Bahahaahahaa we watched The Godfather for 3 hours and damn, it was awesome. Close-knitted (big) family, owning territories, black and white at the same time.. Marlon Brando and Al Pacino *thumbs up* Brilliant actors! Even I felt very inspired to speak Italian. Sie, sie. Lasagna, pizza pasta!

I love this movie! Wow, took me so long to finally watched it. I think Boss might just about download all these must-see-all-time classics. We also watched The Mothman Prophecies, which was pretty disturbing in my opinion. Urgghh. Hian Foo reminds me of Richard Gere. The chinese version LOL I dont know. Maybe its the eyes. Dielah. Therapy exam on Monday and I havent touched the notes yet!! Been procrastinating and doing useless stuff. TopoAnatomy over as if the whole exam season is over :P

So tomorrow, I shall start studying. But before that, I need to drop by Emirates Airlines office to REALLY confirm my ticket and pay the stopover tax for Dubai (USD10). Woohooooo! 3 more weeks, Dubai here I come!

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