Thursday, June 22, 2006

Hats And Robes

We attended V's graduation. Personally, I was touched and inspired by this day. It was my first time in such an event. V looked gorgeous in her red shirt, black suit, matching ear-rings and necklace though the brown pointy shoes were slightly off hehehee

V, Keong, Tina, Hari, Ritim, Dipta, Aaron Yim, Ashish, Azie and Shu are now all doctors. Imagine that! Best part was, there were so many familiar faces from the earlier years in Pushkin. The memories I have of these people are drunkards, rascals, noisy bunch and up to no good fellas. Clearly today, they were a whole different picture altogether. Everyone looked magnificient in their graduation hats and robes. Simply magnificient.

I congratulated them, caught up with Rudy for abit. It felt only like yesterday when we disappeared for a chat by the window aisle after Pushkin disco ended. Rudy doesnt drink but he always looks drunk! He is one of the first fellas I befriended in Moscow. I will prolly never see them ever again but who knows, we are in the same circle of profession. Only different continents :)

Ritim broke up with Dipta 5 days ago. The news was depressing. What to do. Keong and Tina ended theirs as friends. If chances are there, they might have a future together. It just so hard when 2 people are so far from each other. The graduation ceremony was too emotional for me to handle. The Syrian/Arabic men are so handsome! OMG. The frouchet was excellent. Sweet stuff tasted sweet, the others were too fishy to my liking.

I told Reena there are 2 events when one will confirm look great in the pictures. Grins from ear to ear. On graduation and wedding. But I think I will cry too, on our graduation. Happy and sad tears. As much as I tried not to, I do enjoy and love living in Russia.

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