Monday, June 19, 2006


V's folks have already arrived in Moscow. They came over for dinner this evening. Very pleasant couple. I was surprised (not THAT surprised but yes) that they mistook me for The Girl From Penang. You know wholahh. Pfffttt!

V's mum is chatty about everything which was really good for us! At least there wasnt one bit of awkwardness. Reena prepared awesome Ginger Chicken and Black Babi *yums!* My Royal Mix was tasty too. Melvyn joined us and I must say its fun to have him around. Lucky fella leaving for Malaysia tomorrow.

It was really nice to listen to their stories, how much they had to go through to improve MMA's standards, what they did etc. Its true, the past 6 years of effort made a whole lot of difference to what we are given today by the university. When V and all first came here, MMA wasnt even recognised by Malaysia! Their parents took 1 1/2years to make sure it became official *salute!*

ps. G.O.H= Guest of Honours

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